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Yesterday, “South city re上海水磨会所价格多少fugee area ” monument begins in completion of town god’s temple. South urban refugee area fact of this be related ever was flooded for a long time by dust place of the history, pass expert of history of war of resistance against agg上海模特上门 全国高端商务外围兼职上门ression, Shanghai Normal University to teach Su Zhiliang group to inspected research for a long time to just discover the first, scale is the largest, f上海浦东有花头的sparuitful war civil上海足浴娱乐会所哪家好ian, rao Jiaju and south city refugee area returns public line of sight once more inside. Achieve refugee deliverance ” Shanghai mode ”   Rao Jiaju came to Shanghai 1913, lived 27 years in Shanghai in all, had held the position of Xu Hui fair 上海南美水疗收费learn, the teacher of shake dawn university. After Song Shanghai war erupted 1937, he runs with all possible mea宝山有没有浴场荤场ns persuade Sino-Japanese both sides, 上海后花园 阿拉爱上海build south city refugee area, arrive from November 9, 1937 on June 30, 1940, refugee area runs 32 months. This refugee area is located in square creek road with road of north, the Republic of China (today people road) with south, border the area of law concession. Refugee area shows half moon, hold south city old the city proper and areas just outside its gates makes an appointment with 1/3 area, famous Shanghai town god’s te上海best spample with respect to amid. Inside the time of 32 months, this land protected security of life of civilian of 300 thousand China, make the land of international refugee shelter with the ear上海青浦三元路桑拿liest at that time far east. At tha上海有名的spa店t time, “South city refugee area ” founded one a complete set of runs system relative to complete war refugee. Rao Jiaju distinguishs the refugee nine area, every area sends warden by agency one person, pick a certain number of people from inside resident and refugee, be上海水磨会所微 in charge of the clean provisions matters concerned inside precinct. Under each warden, cent sets general affairs, writ, example to guide, clean of design, provisions, v/arc general affairs, wholesome, disappear, register, tone , medical affairs, handle each work respectively. The historian D新阿拉爱上海对对碰aniel of library of international Committee of the Red Cross and public library says so in Ye of rice of · handke上海市闵行区恬静保健按摩店怎么样rchief Er: Area of refugee of the city austral Shanghai is World War II during the first the biggest, fruitful war and civilian indifferent groove guard, it protected at least 300 thousand refugee, created refugee help somebody in danger or difficulty ” Shanghai mode ” , this one mode popularizes Nanjing, Chinese mouth and European and other places later. 1949 ” Geneva the 4th convention ” the autograph is made an appointment with, rao Jiaju is built in China reached the act that manages refugee division to be record in convention as successful experience, be called ” Shanghai mode ” . This convention is Rao Jiaju ” Shanghai mode ” continue, today the sig老闵行荤场nature of this convention the country amounts to 196. Rao Jiaju devotes oneself to career of war and civilian deliverance all one’s life. In those days ” declare ” report, be in China in final years, the Rao Jiaju that can say a fluent Chinese expresses, the hope is上海油压技师招聘信息 incognito ” Rao Jiahua ” , in order to express pair of feeling of this Chinese land. C上海水磨会所2019价格ome two years the person that carpet type searchs be still living and in good health these facts, ever was flooded for a long time by dust place of the history. 2014, shanghai Normal University was held ” Rao Jiaju and war and civilian protection ” international learning seminar, rao Jiaju and south city refugee area returns the public once more attention is caused inside the line of sight. Inside two years of time that began 2015, su Zhiliang and his research group resembles the support of the unit such as library falling in Shanghai sound, disentomb to what this paragraph of history has rescue sex and film. Already was interviewed and film global eyewitness reachs relevant learned man 40 more than person, accumulate material gross to amount to 70 hours, collect inside global limits with ” area of refugee of the city austral Shan水磨石施工ghai ” the precious history that concern is video. To search the party that still is still living and in good health at present, studying a group was to find the police station inside this area first, inquire the pertinent information of old person of 80 years old of above, find area松江新城大保健 under administration to reside at the same time appoint meeting, repass is resided appoint meeting ” the sea scoops up a person ” . Final, below the help of various effort and media, ability rises to a person that witness slowly surface. “Shanghai becomes 30 thousand Judaic refugee ‘ Noah’s ark ‘ , this paragraph of history already widely known, but Rao Jiaju founds with its south city refugee area is witting person not much. ” in the 上海后花园桑拿论坛heart in Su Zhiliang, still have 宝山亿博大厦桑拿a such desires: It is difficult to will carry basket bridge Jew