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阿拉爱上海新地址 阿拉爱上海静安丫丫

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Pu 上海贵族宝贝龙凤 gzbb.seXin of Oriental network reporter will report on July 16: Mr Zhao of 44 years old is abrupt on the airliner that heads for Qinghai Xining from Shanghai ” insensible ” , thanks to to teach skill photograph to aid with Yu Hong of director of internal medicine of heart of the hospital austral the Shanghai rivers松江中山广场桑拿论坛会所电话ide of machine, through preliminary diagnose with cure, live firmly its illness, for plane crash, send a patient to midway hospital to made further make a d爱上海阿拉爱上海同城对对碰iagnosis and give treatment str阿拉爱上海验证掌心蕾ive for time. Shanghai book Mr Zhao, travel to plan a family, alone go ahead of the rest flies to Qinghai Xining. Hollow Mr Zhao before the plane takes off still is done not have any unwell, but take off about 5 minutes or so, he breaks out giddy, breath tic of hurried, brothers, conversation cannot be become sentence, show ” insensible ” condition, opportunity is excellent Wu personnel although in advance grooms through emergency treatment, see this serious symptom also appears panic-stricken, bring emergency treatment case quickly, give Mr Zhao suction oxygen, report seasonable broadcast seeks pilot professional doctor help. Before expert of Shanghai heart and vessels Professor Yu Hong takes this scheduled flight, go to by chance Xining, he is for a few tall difficulty of local that make an appointment heart disease patient carries out intervening operation. After Professor Yu Hong hears broadcast, come to the side of steward for a short while, show the capacity while, ask patient medical history carefully, undertook examining system in detail, measure blood pressure, heartbeat to wait, below the help of the personnel that multiply Wu and enthusiastic passengers, mr Zhao compensatory syrup, biscuit gives to wait on the horse correct a likelihood to coexist hypoglycemia while, preliminary platoon besides pneumothorax, asthmatic, rhythm of the heart wrong wait for the critical disease that weigh disease, consideration Mr Zhao is ” excessive take a breath is asked for integratedly ” , dismantled to suck the face guard of oxygen at once, comfort a patient cea上海莞式桑拿会所 上海足浴桑拿会所spaselessly, its breathe enjoin smoothly, with can charge a sex abdominal is replaced shallow quick pectoral style breathes, after more than minutes about 10, patient brothers tic, giddy symptom gets preliminary alleviate. After alarm removes, change an applause of all passengers, what teach for Yu Hong is professional nod assist with excellent medical treatment technology. At the same time airliner pilot contacts the Anhui Hefei airport of nearby, 上海后花园419executive plan上海不正规按摩店推荐e tightens urgent crash, send a patient to local hospital further examination, cure. Yu Hong teachs the illness data pass on that also records him in detail then to give airport emergency treatment st上海水磨店是什么意思aff, exhort to check electrocardiogram, cardiac muscle further enzymatic, D2 gets together analysis of body, courage and uprightness eliminate acute coronal arteries and veins to be asked for integratedly, the serious illness such as lobar embolism. 上海会所排名 上海会所排名As we have learned, second success already was counted 奉贤上海后花园论坛真实吗南桥spa全部没有了to carry out medical treatment to come to help in the route that professor early days is taking Yu Hong to head松江油压水磨 for Qinghai Xining by air, all make patient head off a danger, got very good rescue is treated. Profess上海千花 三队 上海千花论坛or Yu Hong is Shanghai ” intellective aid black project ” expert and controller, there is very deep attainment in emergency call emergency treatment and respect of art of heart interpose proceed with, assist big northwest to answer a country actively, the appeal of edge of aid of talent of resource of high grade medical treatment, hi-tech, head a group active with Xining city 3 courtyards cooperate, assist a hospital to build heart center, send 3 courtyards of city of Xining of Shanghai expert permanent, time of brief half an year, with respect to heart of active cure acute stalk patient amounts to many 30, begin coronal arteries and veins to intervene, first anxiety intervenes, the heart such as art of pacemaker establish proceed with intervenes the operation amounts to 200, active also cure is of all kinds at the same time urgent danger weighs disease patient tens of exemples, technical respect fill the multinomial blank of 3 courtyards of Xining city, fostered much name cure to protect personnel for place, still organiz上海莲spa足道有飞机吗e Shanghai expert group to come for many times Xining justice examine, depending on excellent technology and excellent service, get of local citizen all the time reputably, also issue deep friendship with Qinghai people knot from this. To by plane for the traveller, because be face上海水磨论坛 localhostd with atmosphere and aerobic chroma to reduce, the influence of noise, oscillatory, low temperature, still have the stimulation that society and mood shou上海水磨一条龙ld stim上海水磨桑拿论坛ulate, for this, before the professor suggests to seize the opportunity, Yu Hong should make the preparation of good physiology and psychology, eat food appropriately, not hollow, fatigue, nervous, be angry, also need time activity limbs in cramped space, especially the Qu Shen 上海干磨水磨休闲服务of lower limbs, sufficient ministry can promote blood to circulate, preve上海油压服务论坛nt deep vein thrombosis, cause ” tourist c阿拉爱上海会员签到lass is asked for integratedly ” . Additional, to having the person that does not stabilize heart lung disease to suffer from, must